The configuration location of the sfn command is dependent on the invocation method used. Since the CLI application can be invoked as a standalone application, or as a knife subcommand, two styles of configuration are supported.


Configuration for the sfn standalone application utilizes the bogo-config library. This allows the configuration file to be defined in multiple formats. Supported formats:

  • Ruby
  • YAML
  • JSON
  • XML

The configuration is contained within a file named .sfn.

Generate sfn configuration

The sfn command provides a conf subcommand. By default this command will display current local configuration values. It can also be used to generate an initial configuration file which can then be customized:

$ sfn conf --generate

This will create a new .sfn file in the working directory.


The sfn application includes a plugin for the knife CLI tool. Configuration can be provided in the .chef/knife.rb file and commands can be accessed via:

$ knife sparkleformation --help